Today is World Anxiety Day. Just kidding. No it's not. Not sure if there's such a day even. In any case, every day is a good day to become aware of the unproductive, often counterproductive, thought loops we all have. For some of us, these unhealthy thought loops switch on certain neural circuits which go… Continue reading Anxietea


The Jedi

I don't care how others judge me. I will post my personal stuff on Facebook. Hey, it's my Wall! I am not forcing anybody to 'like' my selfies and stuff (but I am secretly noting who all are liking and who all are not). If I don’t promote myself, who will? I have truly arrived.… Continue reading The Jedi


The Fated One

While noting down the family history -a standard procedure during any case history-taking - I came to know that Lakshmipathi's younger brother had committed suicide around nine years ago. That was roughly two years before the former's schizophrenic symptoms started. There's something wrong with the family after all, I thought. When I asked the cousin what the… Continue reading The Fated One


Gulon Mein Rang Bhare

I am reading Navtej Sarna's Second Thoughts nowadays. In the book, Sarna is describing all the literary heavyweights from around the world who have influenced him in a major way. Around the middle of the book, there's a chapter titled 'Tormented by a Restless Breeze' which he starts with the following sentence: "I do not believe that I… Continue reading Gulon Mein Rang Bhare



Dangal: a review tribute I suspect Aamir Khan had always sensed the possibility of a sporting biopic ever since he interviewed Geeta and Babita Phogat for 'Satyamev Jayatey' more than two years ago. I am sure he never had qualms about his movie not being about 'him' - that is, his character. The self-assured man… Continue reading Dangal